Fabric Gypsum wall panels


Fabric Finished Decorative Gypsum Wall Board
Innovative combination of surface materials and fire safety Innovative quick-install wall panel system combining all -round, visual effects and excellent performance.
Degotone Quicky+ gypsum decorativeboard system is  as traditional wooden or stone-plastic products cannot meet therequirements of modern buildings, they have high requirements on fire prevention, sound absorption, environmental protection, and mildew. Degotone Quicky+ finished gypsum board has fast loading, Fire-proof, moisture-proof, surface finish gypsum wallboard.

• Hi Impact wrap edges and to sustain surface impact in public spaces
• High-strength paper gypsum board core material provides the lowest cost and the best performance
• All new range of 18 fabric colors with for different textures to choosefrom(Fabric and PVC )
• Stain & Water repellent fabric
• Easy installation save 4/5 working hours and time consuming framing for wall panels
• Fire resistant fabric for better fire performance
• Custom of different finishes can be made to meet individual design requirement.
• Optional acoustic walls absorbs 85% of sound striking the surface withPerforated plasterboard
• Superior decoration for your wall paenls conference room, recording room, home theaters, cinema halls

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