Stonewool Ceiling Tiles A24

  • 600*600mm size
  • White elegant dots with microporous surface 560#
  • Lay in Square Edge A24
  • Brown back transparent glass fiber thinsulate


Degofon stonewool products have resin bonded mineral wool core and consists of at least 98% basalt stone. solid rock is melted and being converted to wool. Then the wools are cut with different shapes, sizes and densities and applied with a surface finish and finally turned into different ceiling tiles .
Degofon products – being made from unadulterated resin bonded mineral wool – are between 40-80% lighter than traditional wet felted mineral fibre & gypsum ceiling tiles. 
Rockwool has an A1 fire rating and is a non-combustible, low smoke, low annihilation material.
Rock wool does not absorb moisture, the tiles can withstand up to 100% relative humidity and remain dimensionally stable.
Rockwool does not contain organic nutrients, so it is not subject to decay, fungus or bacteria, and brown stains from bacterial vomiting are never visible on the Degofon surface.


  • Micro-textured smooth white finish

  • Great value, high performance ceiling tile with a lightweight stone wool composition

  • Class A1 fire reaction and sound absorption with high humidity resistance up to 100% RH

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