Aluminium Frames Baffles

  • Vertically mounted The baffle, with its smooth surface makes creative design solutions and acoustic control.


Aluminium Frames Baffles Baffles are vertically installed baffles with a smooth white surface
The vertical installation enables creative design solutions and provides good sound absorption.
Aluminium Frames  Baffle is supplied with aluminium cappings which are right angled U-sections 
with M6 screw hole, steel threaded spreader bars or or steel cable connection, not affected by wobbling airflow, 
the baffle suitable for different installation  methods.
The baffle is ideally suited to thermal areas and where baffles need to be installed in thermal
areas and where natural light needs to be kept in by sound absorbers.
Baffles ceiling Suitable for use in areas where sound absorption and noise reduction is required 
and in open plan offices Sports halls.

Materials:Fiberglass wool /Stonewool (Mineral Wool) framed baffle with factory applied latex paint on glass mat on both sides
size:600X1200 ,300X1200(mm)
Installation:system baffle

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