Baffle Ceiling Rectangle

  • The attractive linear vision enhances the interior decoration of modern architecture.


DEGOACOUSTIC Baffle Rectangle
DEGO Baffles ceiling are great way to add an acoustic treatment to the room while only partially covering the ceiling. Since Baffles are suspended verticaly and the surface area exposed for sound absorption is doubled and higher NRC levels can be achieved. 
Baffle ceiling is designed to provide a pleasing aesthetic alternative to the ceiling system.Ensures good light reflection and is used in noisy environments with high sound absorption by DEGO Baffle ceiling.
DEGO custom high-density fiberglass wool finished baffles to a wide range of unique shapes and colors with the option of wire suspension or direct mounting them to a T-bar grid.The size of standard sound-absorbing pendant is 1200 × 600 × 40mm and 1200 × 300 × 40mm.
DEGO baffles provides excellent acoustic performance and can be installed directly on top of the exposed concrete to realize energy-saving natural cross ventilation cold and hot airflow.Can also be used for ordinary mineral wool board, gypsum board top optimising interior acoustics and visuals
MATERIAL :Fiberglass wool (Mineral Wool)  
FACE:    Applied latex paint on glass scrim
TYPE : Glass wool base with membrane-faced overlay
COLOR:     White  Black Gray  RAL Customized
EDGE:        Straight edge Painted
WEIGHT:  4.5kg/m2 (Thick40mm)
Sizes: 600×1200mm,300×1200mm,400×1200mm
Thick:  40mm
·Vertical suspension, frameless modern for visual impact
·86% Light Reflectance with  (white finish)
·0.95 NRC High sound absorption performance,
·Customizable to a wide range of unique size and RAL color
·Easy installation, saving 2/3 time
※Can be hung directly from exposed concrete or low ceiling areas
Or use under 600x600 ceilings for enhanced acoustical  performance and effect 

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