Acoustic Cloud Rectangular


DEGOACOUSTIC Rectangular  Cloud
The system should consist of glass fibre acoustic free-hanging units Degoacoustic Square in dimensions 1200x1200x40 mm hanging horizontally, with a weight of approximately 6.5 kg (4. 5 kg / m²). The panels should be installed using of the following systems: Connect Adjustable wire hangers, Connect One-point fixing or Connect Absorber brackets - all in combination with the Connect Absorber anchor  to give the possibility to create several layers and angles.
Both sides of the panel should feature the  surface, colour White Frost, a painted surface with water-based paint.
The edges should be straight and painted.
Visual appearance: The closest NCS colour of the white visible surface of the panels should be S 0500-N. The ceiling surface should have a light reflectance of 85% and gloss level below 1.
Acoustic absorption: The acoustic performance of the Degoacoustic  panels should be measured in Absorption Equivalent Area (Aeq, m²Sabin per unit) according to to EN ISO 354
· Material: glass wool panels
· Surface:white(WH)  RAL
· Back:Sound absorption fiberglass mat
· Edge:sauqre
· Thick: 40mm 50mm

·Innovative and aesthetically pleasing frameless acoustical clound&shapes
· High sound absorption contributes to acoustic comfort
· Fast and easy to install -Ideally suited for acoustical corrections
DEGOACOUSTIC hanging styling panels are perfect for the combination of aesthetics and acoustics.Provide a unique look and feel Plan creative highlights.The combination of storey height, inclination angle and layout creates a new field and shapes individual space.The freely innovative high DEGOACOUSTIC suspension moulding board has a variety of geometric profiles.Can be installed individually or in a free combination.A variety of full-size designs are introduced into the decorative space.Suitable for any room structure.

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