Degotone tilese oval 600

  • Degotone gypsum ceilings and wall panels that combine contemporary, stylish designs with outstanding acoustic properties.


Perforated acoustic gypsum ceiling
Degotone®U600  is a  ovel hole 4 x 14 mm cc25mm,Perforation rate 23% perforation, perforated gypsum ceiling tile with machine routed edge detail to suit T24 or T15 exposed grid systems. Panels are pre finished white with acoustic tissue backer. Provides an attractive perforated texture to ceilings

Product information
Materials :gypsum
Size:600*600*12.5mm mm
Face:latex paint sprayed
Hole distance: 4 x 14 mm cc25mm 
Perforation area:21%
Weight: per sqm 8 kg
Colour:White, NCS 0500
Fire classification:A2-s1, d0
Sound absorption:NRC0.80

Features & Benefits:
-600X600X12.5mm high strength gypsum board Acoustic modular ceilings
-Standard lay-in panels with square or narrow reveal edges
-Smooth, paintable surface simplifies installation and maintenance
-Easy install and sag resistance
-Ideal for retail, airports, offices, schools, atriums, and corridors
-Fireproof A2 class 

Degotone Q600 with edge A is used in combination with a T15 or T24 grid system for demountable acoustic ceilings where  a visibly recessed grid system.
Ideal for retail, airports, offices, schools, atriums, and corridors

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