Degotone Tiles Q600

  • Degotone gypsum ceilings and wall panels that combine contemporary, stylish designs with outstanding acoustic properties.


Perforated Gypsum Tiles Q600
The Degotone range of suspended ceiling tiles and planks provide interior designers with an innovative and exciting combination of design and performance, and with limitless options for building interiors
Degotone unites distinctive designs, gypsum’s durability and superb sound absorption characteristics. It also offers easy maintenance and enables
redecoration without affecting acoustic performance. With three attractive
geometric patterns - SQUARE600, POINT600 and ROUND600 MIRCO600 - which can be used in conjunction with unperforated BASE 600, Degotone’s range gives designers and users an ideal acoustic environment with exciting aesthetic appeal
Pre-finished geometric design, perforated high performance tiles and planks with integral sound absorbent tissue backing.
Features & Benefits:
-12X12 mm cc 25mm Perforation rate 12% @595X595/1195mm
-Excellent sound absorption performance
-Strong and durable high-strength paper-faced gypsum board with latex paint coating

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