Degotone Glaxsy 8-15-20R

  • Galaxy 8/15/20R


Degotone Galaxy  8-15-20R2400
Degotone perforated plasterboard is a superior and modern acoustic solution that delivers a monolithic design due to its edge to edge pattern layouts.
The Degotone range combines functionality and aesthetics in the modern design of ceilings. 
Perforated gypsum board seamless intricate pattern and acoustic performance is universally appealing to provide sound control and an arresting aesthetic in public areas in commercial buildings.

Degotone Galaxy  nominally size 2000mm x 2400mm x 12mm. The edges of Degotone boards are square cut creating a continuous, seamless finish.
The perforations of the board are continuous and - in combination with the acoustic felt on the back , Galaxy features an irregular scattered pattern consisting of 8mm, 15mm and 20mm round perforations, providing a 10% open the board a unique appearance. 
·High performance gypsum board for ceilings in commercial buildings with high level of acoustic performance.
·Professional seam kits allow for uninterrupted continuation of the product's perforation pattern.

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