Glass Wool Square Ceilings A24


Lay-in grid ceilings
Lay-in grid ceilings A lay-in grid system provides the room with a simple and structured expression that high lights the shape of the room. Lay-in grid ceilings have a SQ edge.Degofon A24  is a very good quality ceiling. Good absorption and meets the basic requirements of a ceiling. Installed in the visual support system T-24. The panels are oriented. Follow the arrows on the back.
MaterItal: Glass fiber (Mineral Wool)
·Sizes: 600×1200,600×1200mm
·Surface: Factory painted glass scrim surface
·Thick: 15mm 20mm
·Colour: smooth white/elegant white
·Back: Fiberglass felt
·Edge: Square 

Application areas.
Lining systems ceilings, acoustic conditioning and noise reduction in offices and other types of buildings, schools, kindergartens, stores, etc.
·Elegant smooth white surface,Nondirectional surface for excel lent durability and superior
·Optimal design freedom thanks to a large selectionof edges (lay-in, tegular and concealed)
·light reflectance (reduces lighting and energy costs by up to 18%
·High sound absorption (NRC = 0.85)
·High fire performance,A
·15-year with warranty

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