Glass Wool A24 tiles


Degofon Glass wool Acoustic Ceiling Tile
Lay-in grid ceilings A lay-in grid system provides the room with a simple and structured expression that high lights the shape of the room. Lay-in grid ceilings have a SQ edge.Degofon A24  is a very good quality ceiling. Good absorption and meets the basic requirements of a ceiling. Installed in the visual support system T-24. The panels are oriented. Follow the arrows on the back.
MaterItal: Glass fiber (Mineral Wool)
·Sizes: 600×1200,600×1200mm
·Surface: Factory painted glass scrim surface
·Thick: 15mm 20mm
·Colour: smooth white/elegant white
·Back: Fiberglass felt
·Edge: Square 
Features & Benefits:
·Elegant smooth white surface,Nondirectional surface for excel lent durability and superior
·Optimal design freedom thanks to a large selectionof edges (lay-in, tegular and concealed)
·light reflectance (reduces lighting and energy costs by up to 18%
·High sound absorption (NRC = 0.85)

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Reference projects with Corridor ceiling

Product performance

Application areas. Lining systems ceilings, acoustic conditioning and noise reduction in offices and other types of buildings, schools, kindergartens, stores, etc.