Metal Ceiling Grid T24 flat


T24mm Standard– Suspended Ceiling Grid
Galvanised ceiling t grid profile ceiling board T bar steel t shaped ceiling keel
This width of gridwork is only suitable for square edge and tegular edge ceiling tiles.
Main Runner/Main Tee Bar 3600mm (24mm Standard) – Suspended Ceiling Grid
The Main Runner/Main Tee Bar forms the main section of your grid, attached to the top fix by suspension wire.
This should be perpendicular to any beams/purlins of the existing building where possible
Cross Tee 600/1200mm (24mm Standard) – Suspended Ceiling Grid
The Cross Tee (600mm) interlocks between your Cross Tee (1200mm) sections.
It fixes directly into pre-punched holes within the 1200mm Cross Tee to create spaces for the ceiling tiles to sit.
The 24mm (standard) is the most popular width of Cross Tee. 
Edge Trim/Perimeter Wall Angle 3000mm (Standard)
The L-Shaped Edge Trim/ Perimeter Wall Angle completes your grid by fixing around the perimeter of your room to create a neat and clean finish hiding the cut edges of your tiles.Standard size (3000mm x 19mm x 19mm).
Key Features
·High strength, stability and easier to cut
secure Main Runner connection for better alignment and easier to disconnect
Unique steel based TLS composite clip for strength, fire performance and better  alignment and easier to disconnect
Rotary stitched: strength and extra stability
Ideal for classrooms, meeting rooms and  individual offices
Physical Data
Material: galvanised steel
Surface finish: baked polyester paint

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