Aluminum Frame Soft ceiling wall panels


The  aluminium frame has a hidden tensioning mechanism, which ensures that the covering textile stays perfectly taut Thanks to the tensioning mechanism, the textile covering is unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity Suitable for all kinds of interior Easy to mount on walls and ceilings at any angle 
Can be manufactured in large sizes Selection of six standard fabric coverings, offering a total of 256 different colours Can easily be taken down, reassembled and reupholstered to meet changing requirements. Optimum coverage of the entire frequency range, Class-A sound absorber
Choice of different mounting systems 

Technical data
Applications Interior walls and ceilings 
Structural form
Single-sided, single-layer tensioned textile,
with a 40 mm stonewool panels 

fireproof A1, NRC0.95 ,RH99,
Class A sound absorber acoustic padding core
Impact resistant woven fabric
300 × 300 mm to 1200 × 6000 mm, 
System depth
Wall mounted version: 50 mm from installation surface
Ceiling mounted version 50 mm 
installation surface
Ceiling mounted version with steel wire: min. 100 mm
Frame profile
Aluminium hollow section profile
Height: 45 mm
Frame colour
Silver anodised

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