A Guide to Ceiling Acoustics


A Guide to Ceiling Acoustics

Whether you work in a busy office or a quiet coffee shop, your work environment will be heavily influenced by surrounding noises. As one of the largest areas of unbroken surface, your ceiling tiles have a bigger influence when it comes to controlling these acoustics than you might initially think.To harmonise the perfect soundscape in your workplace, you’ll need to consider your sound requirements – do you need to improve privacy and confidentiality? Are you struggling to concentrate over the noise? 

Sound Insulation vs Sound Absorption
To combat echoing and improve speech clarity, we supply a wide range of sound absorbing ceiling tiles. These tiles absorb sound vibrations and reduce the volume that’s reflected back into a building, reducing unwelcome noise so you can hear your colleagues and customers.For areas where privacy is key, we supply popular sound insulating ceiling tiles. These tiles prevent sound passing from room to room through the ceiling void, meaning you can have conversations in confidence. Typically, the minimum sound insulation between neighbouring rooms should be 34dB.

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