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Ceiling Pro -Round point
The Ceiling PRO painted ceiling has a unique character and an impressive modern geometric pattern.and strikingly brings a touch of style to your ceilings!Personalized ceiling spaces with painted patterns inspire a new and enhanced visual effect, revolutionizing
The personalized ceiling spaces with painted patterns inspire new and enhanced visual effects that revolutionize traditional decoration and express individual creativity.
You can define patterns to accentuate, showcase or mark out specific areas of your ceiling with new trends. With a variety of material ceiling cores such as (mineral fiber, fiberglass panels, rock wool) with multiple edges and sizes of layouts, Hylino PRO can be used to create new solutions for your interior design projects.
Feature Benefits
-Modern painted patterns provide a unique aesthetic, with an attractive open space aesthetic
-ideal sound absorption and acoustic properties to enhance and optimize interior acoustics - high sound absorption up to NRC 0.95 and CAC 29 dB
- Standard white soft fiber interlaced surface
- 600 x 600 mm or 1200 x 600 mm conveniently laid on a lacquered keel suspension system
-Engineered to customize edges, sizes, colors
-Lightweight and easy to cut Dimensional stability

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