Degotone Galaxy2400

Distinctive, large format gypsum panels designed to create visually impressive and acoustically beneficial ceiling and wall solutions.Degotone Galaxy2400 seamless intricate pattern and acoustic performance is universally appealing to provide sound control and an arresting aesthetic in public areas in commercial buildings.

Product Description
Manufactured by worldwide plasterboard specialist, DEGO, Degotone is purpose built to provide exceptional acoustic control with ultimate design freedom. High levels of acoustic absorption are achieved through a combination of perforation patterns and a highly effective black acoustic fabric backing which also prevents dust from the ceiling entering the room and masks the ceiling framework.
Degotone  Galaxy2400 features an irregular scattered pattern consisting of 8mm, 15mm and 20mm round perforations, providing a 10% open area.
Degotone  is also manufactured with Activ’Air technology which has an enduring impact on indoor air quality. The edges of Degotone boards are square cut and pre-primed for a uniue installation method using ready-mixed Rigitone Filler, creating a continuous, seamless finish. The availability of seamless access panels, ensures easy access to the ceiling cavity whilemaintaining pattern continuity.

Degotone perforated plasterboard is typically used as a high performance plasterboard for ceilings in commercial constructions where a high level of acoustic performance is required. This includes applications such as theatres, restaurants, shopping centres and hotel foyers. Whilst perforated plasterboard in predominantly installed in ceilings, it is suitable for use in walls.
The unique installation method allows the product’s perforated pattern to continue uninterrupted, achieved using a specialised compound, accessory kit and primer prior, readying the surface for sanding and painting