Acoustic Cloud Panels

Lightweight, free-hanging Degoacoustic Clouds offer superior sound absorption and exceptional design flexibility. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, these washable acoustical panels can be angled up to 60◦, tiered up to four panels deep, and quickly demounted as needed.

The system should consist of glass fibre acoustic free-hanging units Square Circle Hexagonal Convex geometric shapes  in dimensions 1200x1200x40 mm hanging horizontally, with a weight of approximately 6.5 kg (4. 5 kg / m²). The panels should be installed using of the following systems: Connect Adjustable wire hangers, Connect One-point fixing or Connect Absorber brackets - all in combination with the Connect Absorber anchor  to give the possibility to create several layers and angles.The edges should be straight and painted.

Visual appearance: Both sides of the panel should feature  surface, colour White Frost, a painted surface with water-based paint.The closest NCS colour of the white visible surface of the panels should be S 0500-N. The ceiling surface should have a light reflectance of 85% and gloss level below 1.
Acoustic Clouds are made to help absorb sound and provide better acoustics in a space. While they are used to control the acoustics in open or noisy spaces, they visually enhance the areas as well. Commonly used in recording studios, home theaters, gymnasiums, auditoriums, restaurants, and offices.

Features and Benefits
• Available in 20 colors and six standard shapes for design inspiration and flexibility
• Frameless panels with fully painted edges enable two-sided sound absorption
• Easy installation options for ceilings and walls
• Sag and mold/mildew resistant
• Washable  surface in white finish has perfect light diffusion (+99%)
• Ideal for offices, auditoriums, classrooms, restaurants, healthcare
• Integrate lighting components with ease
• Standard white available in three sizes Design almost any shape based on a 1200 x 1200, 2400 x 1200,  panel.