create the right acoustic ambience and exciting sales environment for a memorable customer experienc...

Product overview

Typical application

• Atriums/Lobby
• Theatres and Auditoriums
• Home Theatres/Sound rooms
• Conference Room
• Office
• Commercial Spaces


create the right acoustic ambience and exciting sales environment for a memorable customer experienc...

Detailed introduction


• Hi Impact surface & edges to sustain surface impact in public spaces
• Superior acoustics for your conference room, recording room, home theaters, cinema halls, auditorium
• All new range of 18 fabric colors with two different textures to choose from
• Stain & Water repellent fabric
• Easy installation using impaling clips eliminates costly and time consuming framing for wall panels
• Fire resistant fabric for better fire performance
• Custom sizes can be made to meet individual design requirement.
• Acoustic walls absorbs 85% of sound striking the surface

600 x 600 x 25mm
600 x 1200 x 25mm
600 x 1800 x 25mm
600 x 2100 x 25mm
600 x 600 x 40mm
600 x 1200 x 40mm
600 x 1800 x 40mm
600 x 2100 x 40mm
600 x 2700 x 40mm
* Custom sizes available

Square                                                   Bevelled


• Available in wide range of sizes, with custom size made available
to meet individual design requirements
• 18 new fabric color with two different textured fabric
• Stain & water repellent fabric
• Acoustical inner core absorbs 85% of sound striking the surface
• Easy to install over existing walls

Degofon High ImpactAcoustic Walls Panels absorb 85% of sound striking the surface - reducing noise within a space and
reducing noise transfer between spaces and places desiring the practicality of a tackable surface.


Degotone High ImpactWalls can also be affixed to the wall using superior quality construction adhesive, as follows:
1. Sand the wall surface to remove surface imperfections/loose particles to enable greater bonding of the adhesive
2. Clean the wall of dust. Apply a coat of primer and allow to dry
3. Mark the location of each panel on the wall
4. Apply silicon caulk or a similar adhesive/sealant using a gun-dispenser on the back of the panel and on the wall
5. Carefully align the wall panels against the marked locations on the wall and press the panel against the wall till
it is fixed tightly. Remove excess adhesive.

  Office and Commercial spaces:

  10-15% area  using DEGOFON Acoustic Wall panels is

  suitable for general purpose coverage and commercial

  spaces. Create pattern on the wall thereby, combining

   from with functionality

Theatres and Auditoria:

  45% wall panel cladding offers excellent noice control in
  Cinemas and Auditorium

Conference room and home theatres:

At least 15-25% coverage is recommended in home
theatres and conference room. DEGOFON Acoustic Wall panels
with its superior texture can be used to create a sense of
warmth along with exellent voice clarity