A smooth seamless sound absorbing system made the recycled glass is heat processed to form the particles usedto manufacture the DEGO Silent sound panels....

Product overview

Surface attractive days with good acoustic properties compared to conventional ceilings. The design of the
flower board has significant differences. DEGO Silent can help you achieve. Unusual, surprising room
concept. Has all imaginable shapes. You have complete design freedom: fine texture, delicate
white or more. A large area of smooth interior with a smooth effect.

Typical application

DEGO Silent Acoustic System can be applied on virtually any surface including straight and curved walls, dramatic angles
and arching domes offering a more flexible, discreet alternative to traditional acoustic solutions, such as suspended ceilings.

DEGOSilent Plus+

A smooth seamless sound absorbing system made the recycled glass is heat processed to form the particles usedto manufacture the DEGO Silent sound panels....

Detailed introduction

DEGO Silent Plus+
DEGO silent Seamless acoustical

Detailed description
Smooth, seamless acoustic system for reducing reverberation time. May be used on vertical, horizontal,
inclined or curved surfaces. It consists of two primary elements: precoated mineral fibre panels (DEGO silent
acoustic panels) adheredto a stable, airtight substrate suchas gypsum board or concrete; and a two layers
of rendered marble sand premixed with binder (DEGO silent Base, as sublayer and DEGO silent Fine surface coat).

Thickness 30 40 68mm
NRC:0.80 | NRC =0.9
Sound absorption:39 dB to 49 dB
Moisture resistance:up to 95 % RH
Fire:Class A2

• Excellent broadband sound absorption.
• Minimal installation height.
• Natural marble finish.
• Smooth, seamless surface.
• Comprehensive colour selection (NCS, RAL, Colours, etc.)Full airflow management and airtight system to prevent
localised accumulation of airborne particles.Matched porosity of all sub surface elements to prevent latent appearance
and discolouration of joints, installation platforms and non-acoustic areas. Full maintenance,cleaning and repair solutions
• Installation only by certified operatives.
• Non-flammable A2-s1, d0 according to BS EN 13501-1.
• 0% VOC's.
• Up to 95% recycled material.

Sound absorption

 DEGO SILENT canHigh frequency sound absorption is achieved by allowing sound wave energy to pass through
the micro pores in the finished surface, thereafter,dissipating it into heat energy in the mineral wool.Low frequ-
ency sound absorption is accomplished when sound wave energy hits the finished surface, causing the “skin” to

DegoSilent Surface

The classic fine-stipple finish, StoSilent DEGO is spray-applied and can be tinted to match a wide range of shades
fromthe StoColor system. This is the most popular finish in our range. StoSilent DEGO is easy to refurbish, envir-
onmentally friendly, inert and natureplus approved. Particularly intense colour shades can be achieved with a fina
l coat of  DEGOSilent

• DEGOsilent Fix cementitious adhesive mortar or gypsum adhesive mortar.
• DEGO silent acoustic panel.
• DEGO silent Base first coat and final layer.
• DEGO silent Top surface layer
• DEGO silentSeam filler

Four suspension systems

Our four acoustic systems feature a variety of suspension options for direct bonding to substrates.
Or light steel keel installation, can also be attached to the lower level can not be normal ceiling area

DEGO Silent Direct

An acoustic system that can be applied directly to a wide
rangeof substrates, to create an economical, seamless

DEGO Silent Modular Hang
A range of variable ceiling and wall elements which provide
theultimate ease of installation and great flexibility.。

DEGO Silent Distance

A suspended seamless acoustic panel system that offers the
ultimate design flexibility.

DEGO Silent Compact
Acoustic plaster solutions for areas where it is not possible to
usesuspended systems or where curves in the original
ceiling have to be preserved.