DEGOACOUTIC high independent suspension moulding board with modern The wide application of color and texture is in line with the trend of design direction.Silty and soft colors create a warm atmosphere. ...

Product overview

DEGO ACOUSTIC “ceiling hanging panels” are an innovative method of absorbing reverberant noise in rooms without the visual appearance of just another one of those boring suspended ceilings.The stunning visual effect of acoustic ‘clouds’ on a ceiling space leaves an occupant or visitor with an impression of fl air and forward thinking on behalf of the designer of the room or hall.
DEGOACOUSTIC acoustic clouds &shapes are the ultimate tool for design freedom. Different colors, shapes and sizes offer hundreds of options. Consider positioning, angles, stacking and layering, and the possibilities are endless. This Suspended Panel have elegant surface and delicate texture, can hang in any space. Cooperate with lighting lighting, showing stereoscopic appearance,can creat unique ceiling that express whole and architectural design.

Typical application

Transport hubs
 Exhibition areas
 Large halls
Leisure centres

Concave and convex cloud panels

DEGOACOUTIC high independent suspension moulding board with modern The wide application of color and texture is in line with the trend of design direction.Silty and soft colors create a warm atmosphere. ...

Detailed introduction

DEGOACOUSTIC hanging styling panels are perfect for the combination of aesthetics and
acoustics.Provide a unique look and feel Plan creative highlights.The combination of storey
height, inclination angle and layout creates a new fieldand shapes individual space.The freely
innovative high DEGOACOUSTIC suspension moulding board has a variety of geometric profiles.
Can be installed individually or in a free combination.A variety of full-size designs are introduced
into the decorative space.Suitable for any room structure.Application Place.

Ceiling Clouds are a very effective treatment for the reduction of sound in building areas.
The DEGOACOUSTIC not only allows one to achieve excellent acoustic results but also -
superb visual characteristics.The DEGOACOUSTIC acoustic panels are available in a wide
range of sizes and shapes, and is a high density 40mm thick glass fi bre acoustic core board
.This is faced on the visible face and edges with a decorative acoustic fabric which is available
in a wide range of colours.
DEGOACOUTIC can be manufactured up to a size of 2700mm x 1200mm. The acoustic fabricis
bonded to the face andaround all four sides to give a superb frameless appearance.
The DEGOACOUSTIC  panel system will come with the spiral springs, 2m cables and the eyelet
hooks.30mm and 50mm thick version is also available.

Product Description
•Material: Fiberglass wool panels
•Surface:White(WH) RALcustomize
•Back:Sound absorption fiberglass Mat
•Thick: 30mm 40mm 50mm
•Shape:Concave Raised
•Edge:Square .Painted on edge

-Reduces excess noise to help create a  more productive work environment in  open spaces
- Frameless panels with fully painted  edges enable two sided sound absorption
-Highly engineered DEGO EXsound™ surface in white finish has perfect light diffusion (+99%)
- Clound panels are demountable
-Available in 22 standard colors
-Innovative and aesthetically pleasing frameless  acoustical clound&shapes
-High sound absorption contributes to acoustic comfort
-Fast and easy to install
-Ideally suited for acoustical corrections

DEGOACOUSTIC panels are available in various shapes and sizes that range from the simplest
of forms to the most modern geometrics. also custom manufacture unique flat, pre-curved, and
shaped acoustical panels to meet project specific designs and requirements.

Group Design
DEGOACOUSTI got you covered for your ideal aesthetic. The rafts can be hung individually orin
innovative groups to create your own unique design.

Square 4                                                                Line 4                                                        

Beautiful Color
DEGOACOUTIC cloud&shape panels with modern silty and soft colors create a warm atmosphere.
Through the combination of different tones, it presents infinite creativity.Ability, create a warm
atmosphere environment.。Color is an important design element, it can convey the mood and
create a room. Function and atmosphere.DEGO Color-All offers you a variety of RAL color options.


DEGOACOUSTIC™  integrates the panel suspension by incorporating an innovative ‘spiral spring anchor hanger’.
This simple component allows the installer to efficiently install anchor points on the panel back. Utilizing a locator

template, the spiral spring anchor hanger is installed by simply twisting clock wise into the panel body. This is a
quick and efficient method of installing