Seamless Acoustic

The core of the seamless sound absorbing system is a polycrystalline plate, which is a high-tech material made of micro-foam glass particles and with high strength and high sound absorption.

DEGO Silent Plus
DEGO Silent Fine
DEGOSilent Plus+
DEGO Silent Base

Fiberglass Ceilings

Our ceiling paneOur ceiling panels are especially designed to provide acoustic ceiling solutions that are beautiful while creating healthy, comfortable are especially designed to provide acoustic ceiling solutions that are beautiful while creating healthy, comfortable spaces.

DEGOFON® Lay-in A24™
Degofon® Tegular E15
DEGOFON® Concealed D24™
Fiberglass 600
Degofon™ Black&Grey

Rockwool Ceilings

Rockwool sound-absorbing ceiling, its performance is thermal insulation performance, combustion performance, sound insulation performance

Degofon Nora™
Degofon Clour all™
Degofon Basic™100#
Degofon™Grey & Black
Degofon DB™

Gypsum Ceilings

Gypsum ceiling is made of plaster and gypsum as the main raw material. It has light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, flame retardant and sawability.

Acoustic gypsum Ceiling Tiles
M600 3/8.33Q
White Base600
T600 4/14U Tangent
Q600 12/25 Square

Mineral Wool Ceilings

The surface treatment of mineral wool sound absorbing panels is rich, and the panels have strong decorative effects. There are a variety of surface treatment methods, such as knurling, punching, laminating, sanding, etc. It can also be milled into a three-dimensional mineral wool board, and the surface is made into a size square, different width and narrow stripes.

Calcium Silicate Ceilings

Cement calcium silicate board has the characteristics of high strength, waterproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, fireproof, heat insulation and sound insulation.

Perforated Plasterboard

The gypsum board is made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is mixed with appropriate amount of additives and fiber to make the core of the board.

Perforated plasterboard
6/18R Round2400
12/25Q2400 Square
12/25Q Square Seamless
Round 6/18R R2400
Square 12/25Q-2400
8/15/20R Galaxy2400
4/14U Tangent
8/12/50R Cross Round
6/80L Line Minigrid

Acoustic Baffles

 Degoacoustic™ Vertical baffles create a uniquely modern visual. Linear rectangles, undulating waves and cutting-edge zig zag patterns provide excellent sound absorption with a relatively shallow system depth.  Degoacoustic™ hanging baffles can be suspended in atria to avoid interrupting sightlines or diminishing the magnitude of the space..

Circle Acoustic Shapes
Concave and convex cloud panels
Acoustic Baffle
Acoustic Solo cloud

Acoustic Clound

  Degoacoustic™ acoustic clouds are the ultimate tool for design freedom. Different colors, shapes and sizes offer hundreds of options. And that’s just the products themselves. Consider positioning, angles, stacking and layering, and the possibilities are endless

Hexagon clound panels
Square clound panels
Wave Acoustic Panels

Ceiling Grid

Moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, non-fading, high precision of products, strict symmetry of main/second keel, tight fit, strong carrying capacity, no deformation, no break

Lay in T gaid